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In a cashless world, what must your POS look like
After demonetization and the latest element in taxation called GST, “Digital India” is a vision that is gradually coming to fruition. “Paperless, and Cashless” is, in fact, one of the professed goals of Digital India. The demonetization move was obviously the first step towards going “paperless and cashless.” Until this campaign, India was an incredibly cash-centric society, wherein cash accounted for over 95% of all transactions! Almost 85% of workers were paid in cash, and even Uber India accepted cash, which this brand does not do in any other country except India! In case
Posted: 27-10-2017  
How Smart Warehouses Are Providing Real-Time Solutions To Enterprises
Warehouses today are more than a facility used for storage and inventory. Smart warehouses that rely on the latest technologies and IoT are being increasingly used to boost efficiency and improve the speed of the supply chain. By seamlessly integrating new technologies with warehousing systems, companies can boost productivity and optimize stock and associated shipping costs. Right from wearables used by workers to sensors and
Posted: 25-10-2017  
What You Must Know About The Difference Between M2M and IoT
We have written in the past about Smart Manufacturing and how the world of the Internet of Things is transforming the shopfloor. Across those posts, you may have found mention of another term – M2M. This post is an attempt to clear the air between M2M and IoT.
Posted: 31-08-2017  
5 Tech Trends Transforming Traditional Manufacturing
Traditional manufacturing is not what is used to be even a decade ago. Technology is having a profound effect on the way a product is produced, manufactured and distributed.With the advent of robots, machine learning, 3D printing, and specialized software etc. in many cases human intervention is limited to just pressing a few buttons. These technologies are bringing a paradigm shift and changing the face of the manufacturing sector. Here are a few tech trends that look set to transform traditional manufacturing, as we know it now
Posted: 17-07-2017  
RFID in Healthcare - How This Smart Technology is Improving the Quality of Care
RFID tags act as radio transmitters to convey information over a short distance. There is a rising demand for tracking, locating and monitoring human beings, assets, resources and other objects in healthcare and RFID tags are finding great play here. These RFID tags can be used on humans, as well as other objects for identification and tracking through radio waves. They can be read from a distance and also have a plain text inscription and a barcode for direct reading
Posted: 10-07-2017  
6 Must-Have Features of a Warehouse Management Solution
WMS is playing a critical role in reducing potential product damages, bringing about a 360° change in inventory control, making stocks more visible, and ultimately in reducing overall cost.Today, companies with the help of an effective WMS can easily automate the various warehouse functions and effectively manage inventory to ensure smooth functioning of the supply chain.To make the right choice we suggest looking for these six “must have” features first
Posted: 07-07-2017  
The New Age of IoT Powered Smart Manufacturing
When it comes to manufacturing, IoT enables a smart ecosystem wherein data from the supply chain is collected in real time. The data collected is later converted into actionable and useful information. Manufacturing powered by IoT provides the business complete visibility and eliminates all potential friction from the process. One of the features of Smart Manufacturing is increasing the productivity in the factories by reducing the human error
Posted: 05-07-2017  
How Will GST Impact the Technology Landscape in Indian Warehousing?
How GST will impact the technology landscape in warehousing. GST is likely to change the entire landscape of the supply chain primarily because maintaining a warehouse in every state may no longer be needed. In short, the advent of GST is providing the companies with a golden opportunity to completely restructure their warehousing in terms of size, capacity, and location
Posted: 03-07-2017  
How Mobility, IoT, and Software are Transforming the Supply-Chain?
According to a report by SCDigest, in 2016, more than 80% of the companies were aggressively considering strategies and technologies for supply chain digitization. It stands to reason that those companies who do not harness the power of digitization are likely to be left behind in the competition and possibly run out of business. Here is how the entire supply chain landscape is being transformed by mobility, IoT, and software
Posted: 30-06-2017