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Automation of Fulfillment Centre Operations

Automation of Fulfillment Centre Operations is an advanced system to improve warehouse operations. This automation system replaces paper based operations with Rugged Mobility and RFID technology allowing the e-retailing companies to deliver the right shipment to the right customer at the right time.


  • Implementing of the automation system in the business for fulfillment centre operations eases tracking of goods, distribution of products, and managing inventory storage.
  • Typical warehouse functions such as Inward, Putaway, Picking, Stock Take and Dispatch can be become “manual-error” free with Barcode Scanning OR RFID Technologies.
  • With automation of fulfillment centre operations, the e-retailers can process more orders in a given period and achieve increased sales.
  • The Rugged Mobile Devices along with any customized Software to connect to the backend ERP/SAP are ideal for providing the real-time visibility in the warehouses.
Fulfillment Centre Operations

Automated sorting systems

Primary and Secondary Sort Automation

The primary and secondary sort system is a technology that analyzes, classifies and routes the products to the preferred location. Automated sorting systems advance the inventory management by incorporating software application and robotic technology to scan and sort the products.


  • Sorting using Wireless Scanner or Rugged Handheld Reader reduces the bottleneck and hence increases the throughput
  • A sorter machine reduces increases the speed of sorting even further and also reduces the labor required

Automated Apply of Shipper Labels

Print and Apply Systems are widely used in automating the process of applying the barcode labels such as shipper labels on shipments. They are a combination of the Barcode Printer, Robotic Arm technology guided by a pre-programmed calibration.


  • Automated Apply of Shipper Labels is used in scenarios where the shipments have to be timely stamped and serialized.
  • Use of automation technology reduces the labour cost and manual errors
  • With an automated system, e-retailers can quickly identify and resolve inefficiency issues associated with the shipping or delivering of orders.
Shipper Labels
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Fulfillment Centre Operations
Primary & Secondary Sort Automation
Automated Apply of Shipper Labels