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In simple terms, a 3PL warehouse management software provider offers services to move goods through a supply chain on behalf of the owner. These services include facilitating the import & export of goods from overseas, last mile delivery services, road transportation, pack & order fulfilment services etc.

Businesses frequently outsource their logistics to third parties instead of investing the time, money and other resources themselves.

3PL Warehouse Management software was designed with important inputs from warehouse management experts making it very practical and efficient in its functions. It has the ability to briskly react in compelling markets while gradually building lasting relationships with customers. 3PLs includes intelligent workflow capabilities, modern user interface and a wide array of features and is deployed utilising RESTful API.

8 great reasons why 3PL inventory management software can be highly beneficial to your business

Expansion is made easier with 3PL inventory management software

Expanding is made comfortable since this cloud-based software permits you to scale infinitely while reducing hardware, software upgrade and other maintenance costs.

You can integrate seamlessly with EDI, e-commerce and other delivery partners and keep your clients satisfied.

Productivity is increased

You can simultaneously handle customers from different locations and schedule billing for them from a centralised position.

Data is accurately entered swiftly (due to mobile barcode scanning capabilities). Value for the workforce is increased which in turn increases productivity too.

Online visibility & remote access

You are able to monitor and view their 3pl warehouse management system software providing you with real time information about your stock. 

The best part is that you can get this information from multiple devices remotely through web access into the system (using smartphone, laptop or desktop). Purchase decisions, fulfilling sales demand, demand forecasting etc are considerably influenced (positively) due to such real-time options.


An effective 3PL warehouse management software provider will have the ability to create invoices based on the price agreement. The charges can be viewed by all parties at any given time on multiple devices (online especially). 

Small and large clients have varying payment deals. Smaller clients could work on a pay per transaction deal for their services. Such clients are thereby able to use this high quality service depending on their sales & storage requirements. On the other hand, larger clients might agree on a minimum volume consideration ensuring a satisfactory deal for both parties.

In both cases, clients are confident in the accuracy of data and numbers since they are viewable at all times.

Reducing Overhead costs

When you outsource your warehouse operation to a third party, you are in a position to use that time for developing your business activities. But besides that, your company can eliminate a lot of overhead costs. 

This puts you in a strong path towards profitability and even survival (especially if your industry is on a decline). You can safely leave your warehousing, packing, dispatching tasks to a third party developer with an efficient 3PL inventory management software.


A third party provider who prioritizes 3PL warehouse management software innovation is definitely someone you should keep in mind while selecting such services.

 Such providers will ultimately prove valuable for bringing down your costs through the use of latest technology while also providing you value added services through such innovative products to you and your clients. 

Be open to EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) even if there are some set up involved. Ultimately such measures will benefit all the parties involved. Asking you to implement such measure is yet another sign that they value innovations.

Adapting quickly

Efficient 3PL inventory management systems are built to adapt quickly to the changing demands of the warehouse. When you are faced with a sudden surge of stock unexpectedly, a 3PL inventory management system can provide you with the solution instantly.


The 3PL provider you have chosen should establish a mutually beneficial agreement with you and, these agreed-upon benchmarks should be constantly reviewed to check if the process needs improvement. It can involve measuring metrics like on-time performance, cost per touch, landed costs, damages etc.

Choose the right 3pl provider

The changing demands of varying warehouse clients within a 3PL are daunting. It is always better to choose a 3PL provider who knows your industry and your business well enough. 

If they have the right infrastructure, transportation and an efficient 3PL warehouse management software, it can be truly beneficial to your cause no matter the size of your company.

 Unless your company already has the internal resources and expertise, 3PL providers can ease your logistics issues and improve your brand image. 

With a 3PL management software provider, it is recommended to select a provider who is based in a particular region. On the other hand, if your company is growing on a level where you find it hard to handle, we recommend choosing a global 3PL provider. 

The efficiency of 3PL warehouse management software is such that today, customers willingly hand over their image to a third party (which was not the case earlier).

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