Why you should use the Quinta Bluetooth barcode scanner?

A barcode scanner is a handy device that businesses can use. The scanner helps to scan the bar codes of products to help in a business’ inventory management. It can be used in retail to ensure quick billing. It has multiple applications. A Bluetooth barcode scanneris highly convenient as you can use it remotely to connect to your computer. 

This would make it easier to use the barcode scanner without being restricted by a cable.

Types of Bluetooth barcode scanner

There are common types of barcode scanners that use Bluetooth technology. They are:

Laser scanner 

This is the most common type and uses a red diode that can measure the blank spaces between the bars in the barcode. Reflective labelling is a requirement to use it in the Bluetooth mode. The limitation is that it supports 1D codes only.
Linear scanner
Instead of using a laser to read, this scanner takes a picture. This method is useful if there is a possibility of the code being damaged or not printed properly. They also have a better range.

2D scanner

This scanner is an advanced one that can read 2D barcodes. The scanner aligns the barcode automatically, so you can use it quickly and easily.

Rugged scanner

A rugged scanner can use either laser or 2D. The main benefit of a rugged scanner is it can be used in any kind of conditions, including harsh conditions. This is suitable for industrial uses.

Benefits of using Bluetooth barcode scanner

A Bluetooth scanner to read barcodes presents many benefits to organizations that use them. These scanners work on the latest Bluetooth technology making it fast to use. The benefits of using Bluetooth barcode scanners are:

  • They are mobile and can be taken to where the product is. This is the biggest advantage. The conventional scanners are wired and you need to take the product to the reader that is connected to a PC. This scanner can be taken remotely and used.
  • It works on battery and does not depend on electric power.So even in the absence of electricity, you can still use the scanner and your work won’t be affected.
  • It is easy to use and convenient as there are no wires to worry about. The convenient shape of the scanner makes it handy to use as it fits properly in the hand.
  • It ensures greater work efficiency and improves productivity as it can be taken to where products are and saves time. It also leads to savings in cost.
  • Since it uses bluetooth technology, it is compatible with Android and iOS platforms and hence can be used with a smartphone. This makes it highly convenient.

Use of Bluetooth barcode reader in various industries

Inventory management

One of the main use of barcode scanners is in inventory management. The bluetooth scanner can easily be held in the hand by a warehouse executive and used to read barcodes from the products where it is stored. The scanner can be taken to the point of loading andunloading. Inventory management becomes easy using a bluetooth scanner to read barcodes.

Retail management

In a retail environment barcode scanners are used to read product barcodes at the billing stage. Bluetooth scanners allow scanning at any stage. This helps to prevent queues at the billing counter. Barcodes can be scanned at the rack itself and updated in the software, so it saves time at the billing stage.


Bluetooth scanners for barcode are very useful even in the e-commerce industry. E-commerce businesses maintain a large inventory. Managing the inventory and ensuring orders are serviced on time is difficult. Using Bluetooth scanners can be very helpful in improving operational efficiency.

Why use our barcode scanner?

Quinta’s Bluetooth scanner is beneficial for businesses that have warehouses and also in the retail and e-commerce sector. The benefits of using the scanners made by Quinta are:
  • The biggest advantage of using Bluetooth scanners to read barcodes is the fact it makes work faster.
  • Quinta’s solutions ensure that you reduce errors. Automation helps in reducing errors made by humans. This leads to a lot of savings for a business.
  • Since time is saved, it leads to better productivity. A productive business can look forward to satisfied customers and higher profits.
  • The barcode system ensures higher security and helps in preventing theft, thanks to the ability to track the product.
  • The barcode scanner is easy to install and simple to use. Employees can learn to use it very quickly and there is no need for extensive training to use this solution.
  • Using barcode helps to get data fast and this helps to measure how effectively processes are being followed.

Quinta’s bluetooth barcode scanner is definitely a very convenient and useful tool to have. Its benefits make it a must for logistics and retail operations.

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