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QPOS is an Android-based All-in-One Billing Solution that is highly configurable for the business workflows of any sub-vertical within Retail and Restaurants. QPOS is an “Out-of-Box” experience for the customers wherein the Software, Billing Hardware, Printer and the Payment Terminal are all integrated at a very competitive price.

Why Customers love QPOS

All in One

Through its Integrated Solution approach, QPOS removes the headache of OS compatibility, Receipt Printer and Payment Terminal integration, etc. This ensures the POS Operations of our customers run smoothly without IT worries.

Easy set up and Quick Go-Live

QPOS Cloud Configuration App enables an easy and intuitive interface for setting up the item master, images, prices, users and vendor masters, among others. This ensures quick Go-Live for our customers ensuring no business loss.

Online and Offline Billing

QPOS has been designed to work both in the Online and Offline billing modes. Network issues will not affect the cashier’s work of customer billing as all the POS data will be stored locally and synced up with cloud when the device is back online. POS data is Gold!

One App, Many POS Terminals

QPOS has been tested and integrated with multiple Point-Of-Sale Terminals with varying display sizes and configurations. Our customers can choose from any of these without having to compromise on any functionality or behavior of the QPOS Software.

Highly Configurable

QPOS has been designed after studying the various unique POS workflows of our customers across verticals. Through its configurable features, QPOS ensures that customers have the power of flexibility to adapt to changing market dynamics.

Cloud back-up and Reports

All our customers’ critical POS data is stored in the cloud immediately post transactions. The reporting module generates out insightful data for our customers to understand their customers better and take necessary actions.


Detailed Features of QPOS


  • Easy to use UI and slick UX
  • Offline and Online Billing Modes
  • Item Selection on POS Screen – Tile OR Search OR Barcode Scanner
  • Cash Drawer Intergration
  • Sales Return, Credit Note and Hold Options
  • Ready Payment Integration
  • Discounts

Inventory Management

  • Purchase Order and Store Indents
  • GRN (Store, Warehouse, Kitchen) against DC, PO, Local Purchase
  • Min and Max Inventory leading to automatic indent creation
  • Inventory Audit Module
  • Masters – Stores, Items, Taxes and Vendors
  • Item enable/disable for billing based on inventory availability

Value-add Modules

  • Franchisor, Master Franchisee and Sub-Franchisee set up of Items
  • BOM Items Management
  • Attendance of labor in store
  • Cloud Data Backup
  • User profiles – Cashier, Store Manager, Client Admin, Warehouse Admin
  • Dumps and Damages

Intelligent Reports

  • GST-filing ready Reports
  • Daily Sales Report
  • Item-wise Report
  • Store performance report
  • Inventory Report

QPOS Verticals


 Grocery Shops
 Lifestyle and Fashion
 Apparel and Footwear
 Electrical and Electronics
  Stationery and other Retail


Sweet & Chaat Shop 
Juice & Ice Cream Parlours 
Food Truck and Mobile Vans 
Bakery and Confectionary 

Happy Customers



HS 2410/2414

  • All-in-one sleek Touch POS
  • 10"/14" wide Touch screen with inbuilt fast receipt printer
  • Ideal for Food Courts, QSR, Express Counters, Grocery


  • 14" Wide screen touch POS for quick billing.
  • 3" External fast receipt printer
  • Ideal for Casual Dining Restaurants, Lifestyle & Fashion, Apparel & Footwear, Grocery


  • In build payment option.
  • All-in-one compact Mobile Touch POS
  • 5” wide touch screen, with inbuilt 2” receipt printer
  • Ideal for Juice & Ice-cream, Sweet & Chat, Mobile Vans etc.

WT 3007A

  • All-in-one compact Desktop/ Mobile Touch POS(Battery inbuilt)
  • 7" wide Touch screen, with inbuilt 2" receipt printer
  • Ideal for Juice & Ice-cream parlor, Sweet & Chat shop, Food Truck & Mobile Vans

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