Yard Management System in Supply Chain

Advantages of Yard Management System in Supply Chain

Logistics is a trillion dollar business. 4.5 million employees are working in the transportation and warehouse industry in the U.S earning an average of 23 dollars per hour and this number is expected to grow along with the growth of the warehouse industry. New technologies help your warehouses to transform from being a cost center to profit center with leaner and smarter operations and increased visibility. Automated Warehouse Management systems (WMS) can help you reduce hundreds of labour hours every month, improver orders, speed and accuracy and increase customer satisfaction. Yard management systems (YMS) are often used in conjunction with warehouse management and transportation management systems. With elite transportation support and drag and drop technology to move trucks in the yards, Yard management solutions makes it easy for spotters and managers to reduce bottlenecks and demurrage costs. Here are some advantages of leveraging Yard management system in supply chain.

Yard management Systems Provide Real-Time Visibility

Yard Management System software provide real-time visibility to asset locations and the operational status. The systems leverage radio frequency identification technology for faster and more accurate tracking.

By monitoring the delays in the visit cycle, the system enables you to accelerate operations like quickly identifying available trailers for outbound loads. YMS give real-time information on the trailer locations in the yard and allows employees to move trailers across staging and docks in an efficient manner.


Advanced yard management system has reduced the daily paper and pen check that organizations spend hours on. Besides checking, they also had to compare the checklist with the previous checks to determine the movement of items. 

Yard management solutions make your supply chain secure and systematic

Best Yard Management Software in the market improve safety by eliminating the need to have people walking around the yard performing manual checks. Instrumentation on trucks monitors speed, safety practices and the labour hours of truck drivers.

The YMS records the entry and exit of every trailer, truck, and driver it in a consistent way. The system also ensure that the seals are checked, and every damage is recorded with the associated shipment data.

YMS automatically record trailer movements and maintain an audit trail for security and loss prevention. Documenting the history of every truck and trailer enables effective incident tracking and report development, and makes sure that the differentials can be calculated based on the check in/out status. It also contributes to ongoing data collection to enhance the planning processes, and leverages trailer aging reports to ensure that unload tasks are also being completed.

Yard management solutions improve operational efficiency

Yard management system in supply chain reduce bottleneck scenarios that include yard congestion, queuing at exits and throughput. These systems also improve spotter move times and enable shuttle drivers to digitally receive, and confirm completion of move requests. This makes the process way more systematic compared to the radio communication, pen, and paper used in the conventional systems. 

Yard management software improve planning application

Yard management systems are the bridges that connect Warehouse management and transportation management systems. YMS augments the planning functions in these systems by providing execution visibility.

Most organizations consolidate talent in the centralized control platforms and fail to recognize labour savings. The Yard management system in supply chain enable labour pooling by providing a network view. The networking feature also helps organizations pool assets like trucks and trailers.

You can track trailer arrivals, positions and departures across centralized (or distributed)  yards. You can also record trailer contents and statuses like moves, inspections and seal changes. This status data helps you to make better parking assignment plans.

Yard management solutions facilitate collaboration with carriers

Progressive shippers see visiting carriers as customers. Some even give carriers the access to their YMS in order to receive real-time shipment notifications. Automating yard operations result in lower demurrage costs, reduced driver detention fees, and increase throughput.

The final stage of other fulfilment can make or break customer satisfaction. Proper yard management system ensures that the right products are delivered to the right customer at the right time. Better technology means, better efficiency across your transportation and logistics operations.

To sum it up,

Automated Yard management systems help in optimization of supply chain logistics both in terms of time and cost. With real-time tracking, the systems provide visibility across the yard besides avoiding paperwork and human errors. It also ensures security and augments operational efficiency. The historic data recording enables managers to make better planning decisions and spotters to ensure accuracy in shipments. The level of transparency provided by the systems help in making collaborations with carriers to get real time shipment notifications. Overall, a proper yard management system brings betterment into both warehouse management and transportation management in most of its aspects. If you are planning to digitize your yard management, we suggest you to try Quinta. Quinta has been providing the best yard management software with highly precise tracking to its happy clients across the world.

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