Yard Management System

or in short YMS is a software developed to monitor the movement of heavy vehicles like trucks, trailers within the premises of warehouse, manufacturing and distribution centers.

Even though the current digital world is emerging and gradually gaining momentum, the yard environment revolving around automotive industries, manufacturing companies along with post and parcel centers is still in a state of neglect. 

In a competitive world, firms should focus on rationalizing yard management. Yard Management System is a standalone application that blends well with warehouse management system, transportation management systems to enhance efficiency. The system also has the ability to furnish optimum value to the yard.

Some of the benefits of YMS for industries and manufacturing companies are discussed below:


The software is helpful in reducing the burden of organizations to perform regular yard checks using pen and paper. In addition, they need not even have to spent adequate time in reconciling statements and reports as well.


YMS keep track of the product life cycle in real-time such as locating vacant trailers meant for outbound loads.


The standalone application enhances safety of the people by reducing manual checks within the yard. The estimated hours of services and speed of yard truck drivers is monitored through the process of instrumentation.

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YMS offers up-to-date information on the location and movement of trailers. This would enable the yard employees to execute orders effectively.

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This software is an intrinsic tool of Supply Chain Execution (SCE) as it helps in assisting operators to develop models at the time of decision making.


The check-in and out process of yard truck drivers, trailer and tractor is processed by YMS. Seals, shipment information and damages are thoroughly checked and verified.

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In order to maximize efficiency and eliminate yard congestion, organizations resort to YMS.

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The above-mentioned software allows the shuttle drivers to confirm and procure move requests in digital format thereby reducing hands-on activities.

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In most circumstances, firms fail to take notice of YMS deployments and labor savings. However, this network enables industries to merge yard trucks, vacant trailers and physical assets to gauge operational efficiency.


Accessibility to YMS lets third party logistics and shippers to send shipment notifications in real time.


The standalone application is useful in cutting down expenses, minimizes detention fees of yard truck drivers and enhanced throughput.


Integration with YMS streamline the arrival and processing of each truck visits in a yard environment.

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The software examines yard drivers present at the gate in detail prior to registration of actual visit.

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The Yard Management Software is primarily used to send text messages along with emails to the clients and yard truck drivers. It prepares data in real-time enabling easy accessibility to the supply chain.


Smart and improved yard acknowledge the presence of clients and carriers. A warm reception to drivers present at the gate with essential data required to get registered and complete the process.

Yard operations coupled with smart Yard Management System undertakes multiple trailer moves in an hour. Only few hours are spend on executing yard checks thereby reducing workforce with minimum yard jockey truck requirements. 

The overall times taken for a trailer get through the main entrance range from five to ten minutes. However, time can be saved if it is integrated with YMS since it administers check-in and out procedures. Today, companies who had take advantage of YMS have displayed signs of improvement in throughput efficiency as it have considerably reduced the shipping dock congestion

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