Asset Tracking System and its advantages for industries

Asset Tracking System is a process in which a barcode scan is used to track assets like tools, equipments and items.
A unique barcode label attached to a specific product is scanned using tools like GPS (Global Positioning System), BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). 

Asset Tracking System kicks-off through three major phases such as documentation of asset attributes followed by tracking location and movement of goods. However, there are series of activities that takes place during the course of scanning assets. It includes capturing images and signatures in the midst of movement of goods, scheduling and maintenance of performance events, calculation of depreciation.

Advantages for industries

Organizations should track exact spot of investments at the time of purchase. Asset Tracking Software comes to aid of those companies who find it difficult to arrive at a feasible solution. This reliable tool enables them to locate a particular individual or a location. In addition, it is capable of preserving and maintaining records, usage and history of physical assets.
Barcode scanning system is used to login via uniform check-in/check-out process.

A major benefit of the system is that it reduces unnecessary expenses in purchasing replacements, track assets in emergency circumstances and minimize interruptions during operation mode. Physical assets can be easily tracked through barcode scanning like QR codes. Today, these codes are manually scanned via electronic gadgets such as smart phones, apps and cameras.
With the dawn of an efficient tracking system, industries could save considerable amount of time and money:

  • Seamlessly process auditing and discrepancy reports
  • Standardized check-in/check-out

Additional benefits of the software are mentioned below:

Tracking huge volume of physical assets:-

Tracking huge volume of physical assets is a cumbersome task. Adequate time and labor is required to locate goods. Business organizations encounter production delay, unnecessary expenses and slew of complaints from the discerning customers. These issues can be tackled effectively by harnessing this software thereby enabling you to track assets and its GPS location.

Increases ROI:-

A second major advantage of resorting to this software is that it increases ROI (Return on Investment). People prefer to obtain exact position of physical assets in real-time. Apart from movement of goods, opportunities are disclosed in order to enhance production.

 Management of assets in real time:-

A rough sketch of the business assets is created with the help of tracking software. Goods can be easily located as and when they arrive or dispatched to various locations. Precise and error-free tracking system is imperative to ensure an effective data management. Spurious items and duplicate records are disposed off once traced. A Unique Identification Number (UIN) is assigned to each asset to safeguard data from being compromised. Ex: Multiple goods bearing same serial number.

Enhances productivity :-

The above-mentioned software is helpful in locating movement of goods within departments. It is helpful in gauging the life cycle of an asset. Furthermore, manual scanning of goods can be reduced if RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags are attached to it. Ample time could be saved by setting free the employees from performing low-grade tasks.

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology

Near Field Communication (NFC) is an innovative means of tracking system that facilitate tracking of assets via tapping and extracting details. Physical assets are also tracked with a distinct combination of mobile phone and GPS system powered by an internal battery.

Indoor Asset Tracking

Combination of Wi-Fi and technologies like IR is used to track indoor assets.
Asset Tracking System has proven to be an asset for organizations since it helps them to track assets in real time.

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