Yard Management System

The biggest nightmare for a CFO of any company is Asset Management. Especially in the manufacturing companies, there are variety of assets from expensive Engineering assets to IT assets and furniture, everything is a cost that needs to be accounted for. In a multi-location environment, it just gets more complex. Β 
The Asset Tracking System is a boon to the CFO as it helps manage all the assets that the company owns across many different locations and sites. The core of this system is to identify every asset uniquely with a serial number or asset number and track it through its lifetime.Β 

Quinta’s recommended YMS would have the following modules:

  • Real-time Vehicle Visibility in the Yard
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Gate Management
  • Dock Door Assignment
  • Event/Task Management
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Automated Checking and Checkout of Vehicles

Benefits of the Yard Management System:

  • Quick turnaround of vehicles reducing the cost of waiting and cost of delayed shipments
  • Seamless communication resulting in lower manual errors
  • Reduced incidents of collision or accidents
  • Increased Dock Utilization
  • Environmental friendly overall

Industries of focus:

  • Logistics
  • 3PL

Technologies used:

  • Rugged Tablets
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tags
  • RFID Handhelds
  • Wireless Access points

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