Trolley Tracking System

Getting the raw material in its right shape, right place and right quality is of utmost importance in manufacturing. And, nobody wants a misplaced or overused trolley to become an excuse. With a good Trolley Tracking Systems, you can increase operational efficiency by keeping a continuous tab on your trolleys location, usage and condition. 

Trolleys are essential “transporters” of raw material from the vendors to the OEMs or from the stores to the shopfloor in manufacturing company. These trolleys play a vital role in keeping the movement seamless. They have a certain shelf-life in terms of the number of trips or years, and are required to be available when required. Trolley Tracking system enables visibility, management and availability of these trolleys. 

Quinta’s recommended Trolley Tracking System would have the following modules:

  • Real Time Tracking of the Trolleys
  • Trolley Inventory status location wise
  • Loss and Usage report
  • Lifecycle report

Benefits of a Trolley Tracking System

  • Reduce losses by retrieving the misplaced Trolleys
  • Quality assurance checks on old trolleys
  • Asset Management

Industries of focus:

  • Manufacturing and the sub-verticals
  • Logistics/3PL
  • Retail

Technologies used:

  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tags
  • RFID Handhelds
  • Wireless Access points

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