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  • FM431 Fixed Mount


    Automatic Exposure Control (AEC)

    The sensor in the NLS-FM431 automatically adjusts the supplementary lighting duration based on the light reflected off barcode.

    Dual Aimer Systems

    The FM431 contains a red laser aimer that produces a crosshair aiming pattern. It is clear and bright even in bright sunlight, ensuring first time accurate aim. Besides, the scanner provides a green LED aimer.

    Improved Motion Tolerance

    NLS-FM431 can capture and decode the barcode in motion up to 3.5m/s.

    UIMG® Technology

    Armed with Newland’s seven-generation of UIMG® technology, the scan engine can swiftly and effortlessly decode even poor quality barcodes (e.g., low contrast, laminated, damaged, torn, warped or wrinkled).

  • NLS-NVF230


    High Protection Industrial Structure Design


    The NLS-NVF230 is built into an IP54-sealed and can prevent the critical components from splashing water and dust. That ensures the scanner has a long-term reliable scanning performance.


    Equipped with Auto Train Function


    NVF230 can support Auto-Train function. By Learning, NVF230 automatically selects the best settings for the given reading situation, based on parameters of illumination, camera, and decoder properties. This feature creates an optimum setting to read your codes.


    Application Scenarios


    Production traceability, quality management in electronic manufacturing, battery production, and automobile manufacturing.



    Fast and rich configuration method


    Through the software NSet, the scanner can be configured diversified, including networking, multi-code, communication and other functions, and equipped with a powerful AutoLearn self-learning function on the device and in the software, which can achieve one-click completion of image and focus settings , Which greatly improves the convenience of barcode reader configuration.


    High Protection Industrial Structure Design


    This fixed barcode scanner Soldier180 has a very small structure, but it has very powerful functions.It has a built-in IP65 seal, which is suitable for various complex environments and relatively compact industrial environments.



    Multiple models meet multiple scenarios

    Providing N, W, S version that can meet the needs of application scenarios with a large field of view, standard field of view and high precision. And the built-in liquid focusing lens can quickly complete the focusing operation.

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