Thanks to a very ergonomic design, the print head can be easily switched out and replaced. The front sensor that ensures accurate printing can also be easily removed to facilitate cleaning and replacement of the rubber roller. The PD45S supports multiple printer command languages such as FP/DP/IPL/ZPL/DPL, one-key installation of printer driver and easy windows configuration.

The PD45S comes with a rich selection of accessories and supports wireless network interface card, parallel interface card, labeling machine interface card, industrial GPIO and serial interface card. It also has peeling, rewinding and cutting assemblies to cope with a wide range of application scenarios.

The PD45S Honeywell’s new commercial grade industrial printer, is suited for manufacturing, retail, logistics, health care, and government applications. With Honeywell print platform, PD45S can be alternative to the competing printers in the market.

Uniquely designed using minimum internal mechanical parts and an all-metallic frame structure, PD45S is sturdy and durable. This gives our printer a tough, compact, and sleek appearance, suitable for use in a wide range of settings & applications.

The PD45S runs on Arm Cortex-A7 / 800Mhz processor, 128M memory and 128M DDR3 SDRAM. It features a sophisticated industrial print head which supports both direct thermal and thermal transfer printing modes. Honeywell’s patented dual sensor positioning technology supports a dynamic positioning function that ensures a minimum label height of 5mm and vertical position accuracy of 0.5mm. Two sets of adjustable pressure bars and double media guides ensures accurate paper feeding and help to avoid ribbon wrinkles & printing dirt.



Compatible Drivers

  • CUPS driver for Linux
  • InterDriver Windows printer drive and one-key installation driver
  • program packages for Honeywell device type for SAP and Honeywell label design and printing

Compatible Software

  • Operational Intelligence
  • Print Set


  • Healthcare
  • manufacturing,
  • retail
  • transportation & logistics


  • Complete after-sales services. Honeywell Global Service Support can provide customers and partners with the best support and visiting service in the industry. Honeywell’s services can improve the production efficiency, equipment reliability and uptime indicators.
  • Easy to operate. Supporting one-key driver installation and facilitating printer cleaning and parts replacement.
  • Excellent performance. Advanced industrial print head ensures high printing quality and durable.
  • Patented Dual-sensor Positioning Technology. Ensuring the minimum width of 5mm and the position accuracy of ±0.5mm with the dynamic positioning function.
  • Rugged and Durable. Suitable for a large variety of working environments with all-metal frame structure.


Overall Dimensions

  • (L x H x W):NEWLINE438 mm x 270 mm x 249 mmNEWLINE(17.24 in x 10.63 in x 9.80 in)


Linear Barcodes

  • major 1D barcodes

Downloadable Font Type

  • Monotype font engine
  • customers can also download (Truetype) fonts by themselves
  • non-Latin fonts can be supported through WTLE

Font Engine

  • Monotype Font Engine
  • WTLE for Global Language Support

Printer Command Language

  • DPL
  • Direct Protocol (DP)
  • Fingerprint (FP)
  • IPL
  • XML can be enabled for SAP AII and Oracle WMS
  • ZSim2 (ZPL-II),

Image File Format

  • BMP
  • GIF
  • PCX
  • PNG



  • 300 dpi

Print Method

  • Direct Thermal
  • Thermal Transfer



  • External Multi-GB USB memory device (FAT16/FAT32)

Flash Memory

  • 256 MB megabyte


Printer Connection Interface

  • Ethernet interface, transmission rate: 10/100 Mbps
  • RS-232, transmission rate up to 115.2 KB/s
  • USB 2.0 device interface
  • USB 2.0 host interface


Operating Voltage

  • 100V AC to 240V AC


Operating Temperature

  • +5°C to +40°C (+41°F to +104°F)

Operating Humidity

  • 20% to 85%, non-condensing

Storage Humidity

  • 20 – 80 % non-condensing

Storage Temperature

  • -20°C to +70°C (-4°F to +152°F)


Warranty Duration

  • 1 year Factory Warranty


Network Specifications

  • Ethernet 10/100 Mbps


Data Sheet

PD45S Industrial Printer Data Sheet (101.74 KB)

PD45 Industrial Printer Data Sheet (68.27 KB)

Manuals and Guides

User Guide: Honeywell Smart Printing Software Developer Kit (SDK-SP-EN-UG-01 REV E) (357.19 KB)

User Guide: Printer Network And Security (ALLSKU-PR-EN-SG-01 Rev F) (303.43 KB)

Quick Start Guide: PD45S Industrial Printer (50178602-001 Rev B) (12.58 MB)

Quick Start Guide: PD45 Industrial Printer (50178594-001 Rev B) (12.72 MB)

User Guide: PD45S Industrial Printer (PD45S-EN-UG-01 Rev D) (2.38 MB)

Command Reference User Guide: IPL (IPL-EN-CR Rev D) (1.74 MB)

Command Reference Guide: Fingerprint (FP-EN-CR Rev B) (4.9 MB)

PX240/PD45 Industrial Printer Accessory Guide (PX240-ACC-EN-UG Rev B) (3.47 MB)

Command Reference User Guide: ZSIM (ZSIM-EN-CR-01 Rev F) (706.11 KB )

Command Reference User Guide: DPL (DPL-EN-CR Rev F) (901.44 KB )

User Guide: PD45 Industrial Printer (PD45-EN-UG-01 Rev D) (2.32 MB )

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