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  • 303-series

    Networking on a budget

    With the integrated BLE and supporting 802.3af power, the 303 Series APs enable enterprises to improve their work efficiency and productivity with the lowest TCO. When Ethernet drops are not available, VPN tunnels extend remote locations to corporate resources and wireless mesh connections.

    Full IoT platform capabilities

    The 303 Series APs include a second Ethernet port with PoE out to daisy-chain the wired network to connect and power any network device such as IP camera, IoT gateway, or even a second access point. This feature reduces the cost and simplifies the installation of multiple devices by sharing switch ports and cabling. The 303 Series APs also have integrated Zigbee radio for IoT connectivity.

    Highly secure and reliable performance

    The 303 Series APs offer improved network simplicity and security in several ways. Dynamic Segmentation automatically enforces real-time, device-level access policies on HPE Aruba Networking wired and wireless networks. Additionally, Aruba AppRF technology leverages deep- packet inspection to classify and block, prioritize, or limit bandwidth for over 2,500 enterprise apps or groups of apps.

    Flexible management options

    Available management solutions include HPE Aruba Networking Central (available in cloud-managed and on-premises options), as well as Aruba AirWave, which supports multi-vendor networks. APs can be deployed with zero-touch provisioning to reduce deployment time, centralize configuration, and simplify inventory management.

  • 303h-series

    Aruba 303H Series Hospitality Access Point

    Cost-effective Wi-Fi 5 (Wave 2) Access Point. A flexible, secure solution ideal for hospitality, branch offices, medical clinics, and remote workstations.

    Reliable connectivity. One device. Wired and wireless.

    802.11ac wireless and wired connectivity, three ethernet ports, one device, and a wall-jack or desk stand-mount.

    Air Slice for SLA-grade performance

    Provides service level agreement-grade performance for latency-sensitive, high-bandwidth, and IoT services.

    One compact device

    Combines wireless and wired access in a single, compact device on 802.11ac Wave 2 with wall-jack or desk stand-mounting. USB port for cellular backhaul or IoT expansion.

    Aruba’s ClientMatch technology

    ClientMatch continuously monitors the health of all clients connected to each AP, intelligently grouping them.

    Aruba’s Dynamic Segmentation

    Automatically enforces consistent policies across all wired and wireless networks, keeping users and devices secure.

    Faster speed, stable connections

    Maximum concurrent data rate of 867 Mbps (megabits per second) in the 5GHz band for 802.11ac.

    Easily attach wired devices

    Three local gigabit Ethernet ports to securely attach wired devices to your network, plus PoE connection.

  • 500r-series

    Secure, reliable performance for remote work

    Meet the needs of remote work with desktop APs optimized for the home office/small office with 1.49 Gbps maximum combined speed.

    1.49 Gbps maximum combined speed

    With 2 spatial streams, these RAPs deliver up to 1.49 Gbps to meet the needs of low and medium density environments.

    Wi-Fi 6 Support

    Wi-Fi 6 CERTIFIED® with support for OFDMA, MU-MIMO, and Target Wake Time to drive greater efficiency.

    Two wired ports

    Connect cameras, printers, and other wired devices using the two wired ports.

    Cloud-native management

    Zero Touch Provisioning and a single pane of glass for unified management across campus, branch, and remote work environments—with HPE Aruba Networking Central.

    USB LTE modem option

    Add backup cellular with a USB LTE modem.

    Extensible desktop design

    Includes two wired ports for device connectivity and optional cellular LTE modem—shipped with 12V adapter and localized plug.

  • 600h-series

    HPE Aruba Networking 600H Series Hospitality Access Points

    High performance Wi-Fi 6E APs for hospitality, branch offices, and teleworker deployments.

    Wi-Fi 6E for more wireless capacity

    Ideal for hospitality, small branch, and remote work environments, 600H Series APs deliver fast, secure connectivity.

    6 GHz support

    Maximum combined 3.6 Gbps peak data rate for higher throughput and faster speeds indoors (when using 5 GHz and 6 GHz bands).

    Configurable dual radios

    Support any two of three Wi-Fi 6E bands (2.4, 5, and 6 GHz) and provide full Wi-Fi 6E coverage in a multi-AP environment.

    PoE and wired connectivity

    2.5 Gbps uplink, two 1 GbE ports, and two 1 GbE PSE ports capable of supplying up to total of 30W PoE.

    IoT-ready Bluetooth and Zigbee support

    Simplifies deploying and managing IoT location services, asset-tracking services, security solutions, and IoT sensors.

    Compact and flexible form factor

    Wall mount or choose desktop bundle with AP, desk stand, power adapter, and power cord.

    Built-in security

    Includes Wi-Fi 6E standards such as WPA3, enhanced open, and WPA2-MPSK for stronger encryption and authentication.

  • Indoor access points

    Discover indoor access points (APs) that support the latest in Wi-Fi 6 standards and AI capabilities. Deployable in almost any environment.

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