How Handheld Mobile Computers Improve Manufacturing Workflows

How Handheld Mobile Computers Improve Manufacturing Workflows

Businesses, whether big or small, have multiple workflows in action at any given time. Bulky laptops, wired scanners, and paper-based systems make these workflows more tiring than helpful.

That’s where handheld mobile computers make the difference.

They can help identify, track, and analyse inventory, billing, and other workflows. As a result, the staff can work faster and more accurately. It improves supply chain efficiencies, giving you a competitive edge. 

Let’s learn more about how handheld computers streamline business operations and simplify workflows. 

The Game-Changing Impact of Handheld Mobile Computers on Workflows

Let’s face it – manufacturing waste often costs businesses a fortune if untracked. For instance, the F&B industry bears a $1 trillion financial loss per year due to food wastage. 

For this reason, efficient workflows are essential. A centralised view of operations from production to distribution can reduce wastage. It also requires accurate data on inventory and order management systems. Mobile computers with integrated software solutions can help you with both while on the move. 

It includes using mobile devices, such as tablets, smartphones, scanners and wearable computers 

Here are a few examples of how handheld computers can revamp your business processes. 

Faster and Better Inventory Management

Mobile technology is changing how we track inventory and manage it. It offers benefits like real-time updates, fewer mistakes, and better control over stock. 

Several case studies show that implementing mobile tech with IoT (the Internet of Things) can improve inventory control. Device integration with a production execution system (MES), integrated warehouse management system (WMS), or point-of-sale (POS) software helps staff track any item on site. In turn, it helps reduce issues of having too much or too little stock. 

For instance, food entrepreneurs and retailers use IoT-enabled shelf sensors with mobile computers to monitor stock levels on store shelves. These tools let them automatically place orders when the stock level is low, ensuring customers always have what they need. 

Access to Timely Data and Insights

Timely and accurate information about the status of work in progress (WIP) is crucial in manufacturing. Access to real-time data helps businesses make quick, informed decisions, reducing downtime and boosting productivity. 

Further, you can track data from anywhere with mobile devices. It lets your staff work efficiently even if they’re not available at the location. They can use vehicle mounted Android computers to check details on the move when travelling to other job sites

Handheld mobile computers help reduce paperwork and processing costs. As a result, you save money and time by removing the hassles of looking for physical files or records. It even eliminates bottlenecks due to misplaced or lost intransit records.  

Multi-Process Automation

Mobile technology can simplify different processes by automating repetitive tasks. It means less use of human resources for simple and mundane tasks. Further, automation makes the processes faster and more accurate and eliminates the risks of human error. 

For example, human mistakes are common because of unreliable order-picking systems. It often leads to serious bottlenecks in any business operation.

Handheld mobile computers with a built-in barcode scanner digitally store information on all goods. Using such smart devices reduces human errors in orderpicking. They can guide the staff in deciding the priority items for picking and their next destination.  

Real-Time Alerts

Wearable technology can also help save lives by providing real-time alerts. It is vital, especially in food logistics, where unexpected delays or accidents can occur. Using vehicle mount terminals can improve driver response times.  

It not only reduces the danger of mobile phone conversations when driving but also ensures that the wearer does not miss any crucial notification sent to a mobile phone connected to such a device. 

Parting Thoughts

When used with management software, mobile computers and other wearable devices help businesses become more efficient. With more control over day-to-day workflows, you can save time and reduce resource wastage. It gives you more time for other business tasks to boost sales and revenue. 

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