How to Choose the Right Barcode Label Printer?

How to Choose the Right Barcode Label Printer

How to Choose the Right Barcode Label Printer?

Barcode labels have been used across several industries for over a decade. They have proved to be a valuable technological investment that can store information about a product and display it in a jiffy using the barcode scanner and barcode printers 

But given the plethora of barcode label printers available in the market, how do you select the right one?   

Three Steps to Choose the Right Barcode Label Printer  

These three important steps will help cover all the essential factors you must consider before purchasing barcode printers 

Step 1: Consider the Print Method   

Barcode printers come in various sizes, styles, and print methods. The two most common types of printing adhesives used by barcode printers are-  

  • Thermal transfer- In this printing method, the ink is transferred from the ribbon onto the label using heat. It produces reliable and consistent printing on every label, making it the most durable option.   
  • Direct thermal- In this printing method, heat is directly applied to the label to create the barcode or the image. They require no toner, ribbon, or ink, making them less expensive and easy to maintain. However, these are unsuitable for products exposed to heat and direct sunlight.     

Use direct thermal printers in your restaurant for short-term applications where the products are only stored for less than six months. On the other hand, use thermal transfer printers for products that require long-term storage.   

Step 2: Consider Printing Material  

Thermal transfer printers are better suited for printing on synthetic materials. Meanwhile, direct thermal printers can only print on paper or plastic materials.  

In a restaurant business, printing on several types of materials is required. For billing purposes, you can use direct thermal printers. On the other hand, you can rely on thermal transfer printers for food labelling purposes. 

Hence, you must decide on the barcode printer based on your requirements and the products on which you want to print a barcode.    

Step 3: Consider Important Features 

Different companies sell different models of printers with various features like availability of printer accessories, label size and barcode symbol, printing method, etc. Here are a few features to consider.  

  • Printing speed- Printing speed is necessary, particularly when your requirement is to print a large number of labels in a short time. In this situation, you can choose industrial printers with the greatest print speed. However, if you require printers for smaller jobs, you can use desktop printers or mobile printers.    
  • Connectivity- The barcode printer should offer diverse connectivity for easy integration with other systems and devices. They should offer Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, and USB (universal serial bus) options.   


To sum up, selecting the best barcode printer involves thinking about various aspects. By assessing your business requirements and the points covered in this guide, you can pick a top-notch printer that suits your barcode label printing requirements. Keep in mind that investing in a dependable barcode printer is vital for enhancing your business efficiency and precision. At Quinta, we offer a diverse range of Barcode Printers and other associated products for the various industries. 


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