How to Modernize & Digitalize Your Warehouse Without Complexity

Explore the benefits of a modernized warehouse.

How to Modernize & Digitalize Your Warehouse Without Complexity

Competition in the supply chain sector is rising daily. Businesses need to be prompter in order-fulfilment to surpass competition and generate profit.  

Businesses that can process orders within 30 minutes have 1.67 times higher chances of acquiring 50%+ profitability. Hence, they must upgrade to a modern warehouse powered by digital technologies.  

Read on to learn more about the benefits of a digitalized warehouse. Find tips on how to implement modern tools for warehouse management success. 

Benefits of a Digital and Modern Warehouse 

Here are some benefits businesses get by implementing digital technologies- 

  • Lower Operational Costs 

Digital automation streamlines operations and minimizes overhead expenses. Optimized employee actions and shipment movement help complete tasks faster. It reduces shipment delays, accelerating ROI generation. 

  • Reduced Manual Labour and Errors 

You can automate repetitive tasks, reducing work time for the employees. Moreover, employee attention often reduces performing redundant tasks, increasing human error. Digitalization helps you overcome this challenge. 

  • Better Inventory Management 

Digital automation offers more visibility into the inventory, enabling better tracking for precise planning and management. 

Tips to Digitalize Your Warehouse 

Digitalizing your warehouse helps you meet the evolving demands of the competitive market. Here is how to do it without complexity- 

Implement Warehouse Management Software 

Traditional warehouse management is tedious and expensive. It requires a lot of manual labor. Paper-based records lead to errors in storage management and monitoring quantities. It also results in inefficient usage of workforce and warehouse potential.    

Implementing WMS helps address these challenges in e-commerce, retail, and manufacturing. A good WMS offers real-time visibility into your inventory. It helps you automate tasks for optimizing workflows. Here are the advantages of using a WMS system- 

  • Move inbound goods straight to the trucks to save time and storage space. 
  • Automate the picking process that observes patterns to identify optimal locations. 
  • Improve slotting and store goods in the most convenient location. For example, place fast-moving items in inaccessible spots. 
  • Upscale yard management with real-time cross-docking. 
  • Use Automated Data Collection (ADC) system to access all the data collected from  
  • Barcode scanners 
  • RFID readers (Radio Frequency Identification) 
  • Voice recognition systems 

Empower Your Employees with Technological Tools 

Employees are a crucial part of warehouse operations. Equipping them with the right tools will improve their efficiency and overall operations.   

Modern technological tools can 

  • Reduce employee frustrations about mundane tasks 
  • Generate cost-saving options 
  • Offer productivity benefits for faster ROI 

Here are some ways to increase employee efficiency: 

  • Replace traditional or faulty scanners with wearable scanners. These scanners can identify damaged or poorly printed barcodes, too. Forklift operators can scan data several feet away, saving time and effort. 
  • Save time by providing mobile printers that let employees print at the point of work. There is no need to travel to a specific location to access the central printer. 
  • Provide Android-powered mobile computers for faster data entry. 

Accelerate Operations with Automated Data Capture 

Automated data capture offers real-time visibility into your business and reduces manual labor. RFID-enabled devices count inbound items automatically when they move through dock doors. They also sort and sign them as per the customer’s orders more quickly. Using these tools, you can easily verify and track outbound items. 

Moreover, RFID technology can read tags as far as 60 feet, ensuring utmost precision and accuracy. 

Utilize the Power of IoT 

IoT (the internet of things) is revolutionizing asset management in the warehouse and logistics sector. Access to vast data has improved operational efficiency, fulfilling customer demands faster.  

Here’s how IoT is simplifying operations- 

  • Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) offering precise locations of tagged assets 
  • Autonomous Mobile Robots use data to enable cooperative picking and material handling. 
  • WMS reassigns tasks in real time. It analyses asset availability and fulfilment priorities to improve task management. 

Wrapping Up 

Warehouse modernization can be complex, but the tips discussed above can help you. Drive success in warehouse management by implementing these digital processes. Transform the supply chain and enable long-term growth. 

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