Xenon Ultra 1962LI Scanner

As barcodes become more complex, smaller and denser, light industrial manufacturers are in urgent need of a high-performance scanner that can scan quickly and accurately various barcodes that are difficult to read.

Xenon Ultra 1962LI scanner uses Honeywell’s next-generation scanning technology to quickly decode paper and lightweight DPM (Direct Part Marking) codes (even as small as 2 mils), meeting manufacturers’ priority of increasing uptime and maintaining high productivity. It performs equally well in either handheld trigger mode or desktop scanning mode, without compromise of quality. Xenon Ultra is ideal for light industrial applications owing to green-dot LED aimers and improved software algorithms. Its wireless design ensures workers always concentrate on maximizing productivity, not distracted by organizing cables.

In addition, Xenon Ultra 1962LI has an extremely rugged and durable engineering design, and can withstand 50 drops from 1.8 m (6 ft) and 2,000 tumbles from 0.5 m (1.6 ft), with IP52 rating dust and water protection. This will dramatically reduce scanner downtime and repair costs, extend service life, and reduce total cost of ownership.
Designed for electronics and light industry manufacturers, scanners are crafted to help users eliminate the costly downtime associated with switching between general-purpose scanners and industrial scanners. All models feature a disinfectant-resistant housing that can be cleaned regularly with a variety of cleaning solutions without being damaged. For compatible cleaners, refer to the List of Approved Cleaners on Honeywell’s website

Features & Benefits

The redesigned housing provides a complete product seal for better dust and water resistance; the improved optional magnetic absorption mechanism helps safely connect the scanner and CCB under moving conditions.
The addition of IR feature reduces annoying false activation and the lighting is turned on only when necessary; it also reduces the agility gap between point and hands-free modes.
Designed for light industrial applications, Xenon Ultra features an innovative lighting system that can scan most ultra-high density barcodes regardless of barcode size, surface material, marking method, or contrast.

In addition to the green dot aimer that significantly enhances aiming and improves scanning accuracy, the newly designed innovative scanning platform allows for faster scanning.
Two individually configurable charging reminders alert operators to put the scanner back on the base for charging, avoiding operation interruption due to battery depletion


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