Revolutionising Security Guard Patrolling: Top Solutions for Indian Business

Guard Patrolling System

Revolutionising Security Guard Patrolling: Top Solutions for Indian Business

Are you worried your security guards do not complete their patrol rounds efficiently? Maybe it is time for you to use a modern guard patrolling system 

Security managers with traditional systems are troubled with manual route checking and contact dispersed guards across a facility. However, modern systems use GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) readers, and biometrics to solve patrolling issues. 

Let us walk you through modern technologies, their benefits, and their features.  

What is a Security Guard Patrolling System? 

A guard patrolling system is a technology solution that tracks and monitors security guards during their patrol duties. These systems utilise hardware like RFID tags, GPS devices, and mobile apps to track guard movements and activities digitally. 

The data tracked by the hardware is compiled and synced with cloud-based platforms to generate activity logs, maps of guard routes, and timestamps of checkpoints. 

The security guard tour patrol system can be useful in different industries, such as:  

  • Mining 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Warehouse managing 
  • Security in housing complexes 

Why Should You opt for a Modern Security Guard Patrolling System? 

What does a modern guard tour system have that the traditional patrolling systems don’t?   
The traditional guard patrolling involved guards manually following predetermined routes and schedules. Supervisors intermittently checked that guards visited assigned checkpoints. 

This manual system often meant gaps in coverage as actual routes taken were not tracked. Falsified logs and skipping of checkpoints were common due to limited oversight. Only CCTV surveillance could identify gas or chemical leakage, as guards cannot be in more than one place.  

Modern guard patrolling systems can track guards in real time. The GPS trackers also update their position in the central platform continuously. No one can falsify records or miss checkpoints.  

Benefits of the modern guard tour patrol system include: 

  • Complete area coverage with no gaps, as systems track guards in real-time. 
  • Automated, time-stamped logs replace manual records for reliability. 
  • It helps with real-time alerts if guards deviate from routes or scheduled checkpoints. 
  • Dashboards provide full visibility of guard activities and oversight across multiple sites. 
  • Analytics identify gaps and optimise routes and staffing needs. 
  • Improved compliance and accountability among security personnel due to increased transparency. 

Popular Solutions for Security Guard Patrolling 

Let us look at how the newer guard patrolling system helps the patrolling process and what tech solutions are available. 

RFID Tracking Systems 

RFID tracking uses tags assigned to guards that register when they reach designated RFID readers at checkpoints. This allows automated tracking of the timing and location of guard movements.  

Data is synced to the cloud for route mapping, activity logs, and analysis. RFID tracking provides real-time monitoring, reliable records, and oversight of distributed guards. 

GPS Tracking 

Security guards are provided with GPS trackers that use satellite signals for pinpointed locations.  

The software application tracks a guard’s position through GPS and tracks the real-time location on digital maps. It also enables remote monitoring of guard activities from a centralised system.  

Central Platform to Collect Data 

The guard tour system has a central platform using different technologies like RFID and GPS to collect and analyse data insights. The platform can provide customised reports that contain route activity logs, incident details, etc.  

These data insights can help assess guard performance. Some features, like automated check-ins, also remind guards to double-check locations.  

Integrating Biometric Readers 

Adding biometric readers like fingerprint and facial recognition at checkpoints ensures guards are physically present at designated spots and prevents checkpoint misdirection.  

Linked to the cloud, biometric data can be used for automated timekeeping. This improves payroll accuracy and guard accountability. 

Bottom Line 

Security guard tour patrol systems are crucial for any facility that cannot be compromised. If you implement a modern security guard patrolling system, the result will be enhanced transparency, oversight, efficiency and productivity. 

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