The 5 Benefits of Barcodes in Supply Chain Management

Benefits of Barcodes in Supply Chain Management

The 5 Benefits of Barcodes in Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management (SCM) manages the flow of goods and services to and from the business. It includes procuring raw materials, turning them into finished goods and supplying them to the customers. Effective supply chain management can optimise business activities. It can also help achieve a competitive place in the market. 

The supply chain acts as a control system for product production, shipment and distribution. An efficient supply chain requires you to control the company’s inventories, production, distribution, and sales. A supply chain is classified into 5 phases: planning, sourcing, manufacturing, delivery, and returns. 

Barcodes in Supply Chain Management 

Tracking and gathering information about inventory and shipments is important while managing the supply chain. Barcodes play a vital role in tracking shipments. They provide all the information within a moment. Barcoding in supply chain management helps gather information like the accurate delivery time and temperature in transit. 

Let us understand the benefits of barcodes in supply chain management. 

Tracking and Inventory Management 

Barcodes can be most beneficial for manufacturers and distributors as they can expedite the supply process. A single barcode can provide instant data in no time. Information about how the packaging should be and where it should be routed is necessary for managing a supply chain. A barcode can connect workers and shipment agents to manage paperwork and track the package. It makes managing the inventory more efficient. 

Enhancing Accuracy 

A single mistake can cause businesses to incur huge losses. By implementing barcoding in supply chain management, the mistakes can be avoided. Barcodes correct redundant information and correct errors. Even if the package is damaged or the label is torn off, barcodes have all the solutions to mitigate the problem. With the best barcode solution provider like Quinta, you can tackle all the issues that may occur. 

Improving Transparency 

Transparency is an important factor in operating a supply chain. Your supply chain can be trustworthy if there is transparency in the process. Especially in the food industry, transparency enables organisations to maintain compliance with the authorities. Tracing products becomes more efficient when a good barcode technology is implemented. With detailed information, companies can manage recalls immediately, saving their reputation. 

Cost Effectiveness 

Barcodes are the most cost-effective and simplest solutions for supply chain management. Unlike earlier, the barcode scanners have become affordable and loaded with more advanced features. Barcoding in supply chain management brings another advantage of saving labour costs. The cost incurred to manage labour can be cut down, as the need for labour to manage the tracking is no longer required. 

Barcodes Over RFID 

RFID or radio-frequency identification tags need a larger investment than barcodes. Apart from the cost issue, Barcodes are more durable than RFID tags. RFID tags can be easily damaged in transit, making them useless in providing information when required. 


With all the benefits barcodes bring, they are the best solution for tracking shipments and inventory. They can provide vital information instantly. They also enable more transparency in the supply process. Barcodes are the best option to manage a supply chain as they are affordable and durable. By providing accuracy, barcodes have become an indispensable tool for businesses committed to excellence. Quinta is empowering businesses with their innovative scanners and software technologies. Collaborating with Quinta to thrive in the competitive market can be beneficial. 


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