Why You Need an End-to-End Solution for Supply Chain Asset Tracking?

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Why You Need an End-to-End Solution for Supply Chain Asset Tracking ?

Think about having an uninterrupted flow of goods from your warehouse to the hands of customers. A supply chain where each process is transparent, efficient, and error-free. Isn’t it the ideal case that almost all of us imagine? So, how do we achieve this? 

The solution is an end-to-end visibility solution for asset tracking. 

But only a few businesses use this to their advantage. A report suggests only 6% of companies report complete visibility on their supply chain. Further, 69% of companies do not have total supply chain visibility.  

Wondering how end-to-end solutions can turn your business around? Let’s find the top reasons why end-to-end supply chain asset tracking is important to drive efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

5 Reasons to Invest in End-to-End Supply Chain Asset Tracking 

End-to-end supply chain asset tracking involves a complete and uninterrupted view of the asset movement. A powerful asset tracking system lets you watch and analyse every step, process, and touchpoint involved in the supply chain process.  

As a result, businesses can track each stage to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and meet customer expectations.  

Let’s look at the top 5 reasons to invest in asset management software.    

Automated Records 

Automation saves you time and effort. A supply chain asset tracking collects data about your asset, like location history and usage, without manual entry. So, you don’t need to consider whether the data is accurate. It gives you reliable insights to make informed decisions for business success. 

Proactive Issue Resolution 

End-to-end data and real-time visibility allow businesses to spot bottlenecks and issues as they arise. As a result, they can make proactive decisions to solve these issues. A supply chain asset tracking system helps gather real-time strategic sourcing and vendor management data.  

With these insights, businesses can minimise disruptions and ensure smooth operations. 

Better Customer Service 

End-to-end solutions help businesses provide accurate and reliable information to customers on order status, delivery dates, and potential delays. With the help of digital asset management software and real-time data, companies can improve the overall customer experience and build trust. 

Reduced Delays and Breakdowns 

A breakdown in the supply chain is common and can happen at any moment. An unexpected supplier shutdown or a natural disaster can stop the delivery. An efficient supply chain asset tracking system gives visibility throughout the operations.  

As a result, business owners can decide to diversify suppliers and shipping companies. Perhaps they can find alternative ways to deliver their products.  

Makes Businesses More Resilient 

End-to-end supply chain asset tracking can help companies identify risks and create backup plans. When you understand the issues, you can strengthen your defences. Having backup plans for high-risk steps in your supply chain lets you regain control, even in the most challenging situations. 

Industry-Based Use Cases  

Real-time supply chain asset tracking is vital for many industries and processes. It provides timely information about the goods’ location and conditions. Some industries where real-time monitoring is of utmost importance are: 

  • Manufacturing Industry:  

Precise supply chain asset tracking helps produce goods in less time and reduces shortages when delivering several materials. 

  • Logistics and Transportation 

Continuous monitoring allows you to choose the best routes, avoid traffic, and ensure timely delivery. 

  • Retail Industry 

Accurate supply chain monitoring helps manage inventory, reduce delivery times, and improve customer satisfaction with the correct delivery details. 

  • Healthcare Sector 

In the medical sector, real-time tracking ensures the delivery of medications, vaccines, and other medical supplies. 

Parting Thoughts   

Supply chain asset tracking can prevent losses and increase revenues. Since asset management software replaces manual processes, they are gaining popularity across industries. Further, these systems are less error-prone and improve transparency. 

All the above points give businesses several reasons to invest in improving their operations. Quinta’s powerful asset management software helps manage all the assets spread across locations and sites. It also ensures real-time stock updates and offers reports, delivering valuable insights for business success.  


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