Exploring the Latest Trends in Guard Patrolling Systems

Latest Trends in Guard Patrolling Systems

Exploring the Latest Trends in Guard Patrolling Systems

Protecting your assets and premises from potential threats and breaches is a serious concern when you run an organisation. A few decades ago, security measures comprised guards with notepads, pens, and handheld two-way radios. However, times have changed, and innovations like guard patrolling systems have changed the game. 

A guard patrol system is a tool that schedules, records, and tracks guard tours, improves accountability, streamlines operations, and provides better security. Recently, these patrol systems have been evolving to incorporate several technological advancements. This has resulted in increased efficiency and productivity. 

This blog lists some of the latest trends in guard patrolling systems. 

Real-Time Tracking and Reporting 

Guard tour systems can track, monitor, and report the guards’ activities and movements in real time. These systems allow managers to see where the guards are in real-time, making supervision easier. Moreover, it also enhances responsibility and accountability among personnel. 

As the managers are aware of emergencies or incidents as soon as they occur, thanks to real-time updates, they can respond to these threats faster than ever.  

Due to developments in Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, patrol routes have become more precise and optimised. It helps managers ensure that the guards are following the pre-planned routes. Apart from real-time location updates, managers can also monitor the speeds of patrol vehicles. 

Seamless Integration 

Guard tour patrol systems can be integrated with other systems and tools used for security. Integration with incident management systems allows administrators to streamline reporting and responding to security breaches.  

Moreover, these systems can also be integrated with IoT (Internet of Things) devices such as sensors, cameras, drones, and other surveillance tools. This provides critical information about the area that is being monitored. This helps improve situational awareness and response times. 

Such seamless integration creates a unified and holistic system that provides in-depth insights into the situation at any given time. 

Mobile Apps 

Several guard patrolling systems now offer mobile applications, which boosts convenience. Security guards can update reports with multimedia evidence such as photos and videos, raise alarms, check-in, and receive instructions directly from their mobile phones while on the move. Similarly, security officers and managers can check patrol routes and patrol history, view reported incidents, and analyse guard performance. 

Moreover, mobile applications can sync with central databases, ensuring all stakeholders can access real-time information. 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning use in guard patrolling systems is steadily increasing as they can automate tedious or repetitive tasks. They can also analyse security footage to detect unusual or suspicious activities. 

They can analyse large amounts of data and spot patterns, trends, and anomalies. This might be used to predict security risks. 

AI-driven chatbots can also provide round-the-clock support and assistance to clients, leading to client satisfaction. 

Biometric Authentication 

Biometric authentication is becoming popular in guard tour systems, as they ensure security within the workforce. Authentication methods such as fingerprint and facial recognition are required for checking-ins and check-outs and accessing sensitive information. 

This ensures that only authorised personnel can access the database or perform tasks, enhancing overall security. 

Data Security and Privacy 

Due to the increasing connectivity and use of digital tools in guard patrol systems, they are vulnerable to cyber-attacks, which calls for better cybersecurity protocols. 

To guard against cyber threats, guard patrolling systems have started prioritising data security and privacy. Sensitive information is protected through secure data transmission and encrypted storage. This protects data from attacks and also ensures compliance with data privacy regulations. 

Bottom Line 

The security industry is also changing as the world rapidly evolves with each new technology. Each trend in this blog has had transformational effects on the industry, creating a more secure environment. Solution providers like Quinta are stepping up to keep up with these latest developments.  

2024 will see more trends, each of which will undoubtedly improve guard patrolling systems. 

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